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The Biggest Advantage That a Business Cash Advance Offers to the Merchant is That You're Not Personally Liable for the Cash Advance.

Business Cash Advances are one of the easiest and popular methods of small business financing. Since most merchants accept credit cards as a form of payment, this funding model is available to virtually any company that accepts credit cards. These upfront cash advances are available based on future credit card transactions through an exciting program we are now offering to established business owners in almost any industry in any part of the country.

Any funds received through a business cash advance are not considered a loan, and it does not show up on a credit report. It's a cash advance paid against Visa or MasterCard transactions you accumulate on a daily basis. We will advance up to $1,500,000 on future transactions based on documented monthly volume levels. No personal guarantee or financials are required. This is truly an unsecured advance you can have within 7 business days.



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